August 14, 2014 – Undercover.


My general observations are that blogs are either hyper-actively filled with a deluge of details or contain a series of sporadic posts apologizing for the lack of posts.  This blog will certainly not be the first. And I will strive to avoid the latter.  In that spirit, rather than discussing the nuances of blogging and questioning whether or not someone will read it, I’ll share something more revealing…


Here’s my secret:  I’m undercover.  Over the past two years, I’ve gone in pretty deep.  You could analyze the way I sip my coffee, the stacks of meaningless papers on my desk or the number of calendar reminders binging in my office.  You could profile the way I part my hair and the lines of my suit.  From the name badge on its lanyard to the briefcase beside me – it all plays its part and you would never be the wiser.

Tight-lipped, straight-laced and perfectly business professional, I spend my days writing for a living.  What?!  But you’re not familiar with my name.  Pray tell, what do I write – something non-fiction?  Ahem.  No.  Sitting with posture that would please the best etiquette egg, I write minutes.  Meeting minutes.  Oh yes, I get to attend the meetings too, but for the majority of the day, I write mundane, official, informatively boring, old meeting minutes.

Please, my eyeballs just fell out and rolled across the glass desktop from the dullness of it all.

Then one day, I decided to see this everyday character for what it is.  The cover for the writer who dwells inside.  The cover for the lion longing to loudly roar with creativity and splay paint across sterile, buttercream walls.  For if one shifted the papers on my desk, characters and creatures acting out very un-businesslike charades would be revealed.  Behind neat files of meeting minutes, hide stories and friends and worlds quite dear to me.

Today I’ll button my top button and double-check the margins on these reports.  For now, I’ll right a resolution or proclamation and ensure it’s formatted to its proper standard.  For now, but not forever.

One day I’ll write and illustrate and you’ll know me for who I am, one day when I’m allowed to come out from under this everyday cover.

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